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Horton DVD hits shelves today!

Go out and buy it! ;o)  And now that the DVD is out I can post my Horton reel.  Check it out in my animation section.  A new demo reel should be coming soon.


Cinema Blend Hears A Who: A Visit To Blue Sky Studios

Click on the image below:


Horton Behind the scenes with Blue Sky footage

Horton Behind the Scenes

Horton #1 Internationaly for 3rd Straight Weekend

Check out the Hollywood Reporter article by clicking the image below.

Cool Horton Article in CGSociety Featuring our very own Aaron Hartline


Animation world gets competitive Studios challenging Pixar for toon throne


The world of feature animation — once thought to be the exclusive domain of Disney and DreamWorks — is getting increasingly competitive, as studios left outside the gates of the toon kingdom are employing aggressive tactics to break in.

With the successful bow of “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who,” Fox Animation reaffirms its place in the top tier, thanks to a string of hits from its Blue Sky CGI studio, capped by “Horton.”

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