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Lilah Avery Carroll – Born November 25th, 2008

So I normally only post animation related stuff to this site, but I couldn’t resist posting a pic of our most recent addition to the family.  I’m a proud father of two girls now, Hannah, 2 years old, and Lilah, 2 weeks old.  They’ve been keeping us busy, and we’re loving every minute of it.  I can’t resist posting a pic of Hannah too, here are two recent fall pics.  Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season!





Episode 5 – The Legend of Pimpcane

So while I was out on paternity leave recently my Treehouse buds completed episode 5, their version of how I got the nickname “Pimpcane”.  Inaccurate, but very funny.  I commend them on a job well done.  Thanks guys, love ya!  Click on the image below to watch it.


Horton DVD hits shelves today!

Go out and buy it! ;o)  And now that the DVD is out I can post my Horton reel.  Check it out in my animation section.  A new demo reel should be coming soon.