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Cinema Blend Hears A Who: A Visit To Blue Sky Studios

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New Ice Age 3 Trailer Online!


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Crunch Time! Epidode 3 is up!


Check out Episode 3!

Treehouse Studios – Episode 1 is up!

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We created this blog to make light of all that goes into making an animated feature. Since each event effects people differently, we thought we would tell our stories through the eyes of 4 contrasting animation stereotypes. Since each one of us closely resembles one of these personalities, we couldn’t help but make fun of ourselves.

This blog is meant to be fun, and possibly educational. The events depicted in these movies are fictitious. Similarity to any person or studio, living or dead, is merely coincidental. Especially if it’s you we are making fun of!!!

P.S. By no means do we think we’re any good at this puppet stuff, we’re just having fun.