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Coraline Teaser

I’m pretty excited about this movie. I’m definitely a fan of stop motion and Neil Gaiman. Hope it turns out to be good.


New Horton Video Clips on Yahoo

Go here to check it out:

Horton on Oprah

We just found out that on Monday, Feb 18th, Oprah is devoting her entire show to Horton. She’s having Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, and Carol Burnett as guests and they have decorated the entire set in a Horton theme. Oprah, her crew, and the audience got to screen the movie before hand so they give their thoughts on the film during the show. Should be good. Set your Tivos!

Watch the Preview here:

Oprah Preview Upgrade

Over the weekend the website got a massive upgrade with more to come. Check out the new tv spots too. One month to go!

An Inspiring Speech by Steve Jobs

I found this will reading E-dog’s (Everett Downing) blog. It’s a pretty inspirational speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford’s graduation. Definitely worth a listen, check it out.

THX Horton Trailer

So a few of my fellow animators did this cool trailer for THX, you know those little trailers that go in front of a THX certified theater? Check out the work of Hans Dastrup, Jeff Gabor, and Nick Bruno.