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Horton’s Official Website is Live!

The official Horton Hears a Who website has been published. Not a ton of stuff on it yet, but great to see it’s started.



Horton Trailer Hits AOL

Horton’s first trailer hits the web. It is now available is several different formats. For highest quality select one of the HD options below.

HD – hd_trailer_button_480.gif hd_trailer_button_720.gif hd_trailer_button_1080.gif

Or for the fastest speed select the flash version by clicking the image of Horton below. Enjoy!


Horton Trailer

So it’s finally been announced! The first Horton Hears a Who trailer can be seen in front of the new Simpsons Movie. Here’s a link to the first sorce I’ve seen announcing it…



Rat Poster

I’m a bit late in posting this as I saw Rat last week, but I wanted to post my thoughts on the film….. so better late than never. This is probably the tightest animated film I’ve ever seen. On all levels of production, it was polished. We often make these films on crazy rushed schedules, and I know the animators at Pixar had a tight schedule on this one, but the quality didn’t suffer. I really was amazed at the quality, from story to lighting, cinematography to animation, materials to design. All the way around. I walked out blown away. I now need to go back and enjoy the movie even more and not look with a critical eye at the film making. I’ve talked to quite a few of my animator friends and everyone has their opinion, some loved it, some liked it, no one hated it. I think the story appeals to someone with a preference for more dramatic story telling. In places, some felt a bit bored… I didn’t, but to each their own. I loved the willingness to let a shot breath and allow the heart of the story to simmer. Pixar, I feel, is especially good at this. Would there have been a few things that I would have done differently, of course. We all have opinions. But all in all, a super solid film technically and artistically. Go see it…. adult and child.