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You Gotta Love’em

At the risk of embarrassing myself I thought I’d share a funny prank my work mates pulled on me yesterday, for my birthday. First thing in the morning they sent out the following email to the whole Blue Sky Animation department:


Time Life

In honor of Scott Carroll’s birthday, we’ve decided to combine selected songs from his ipod (these are seriously from his ipod….we went through it early this morning) into a beautiful tapestry of love-relations on one commemorative cd.


These precious gems, plus hundreds more (we didn’t have time to write them all because he walking to his desk) are available on this “once-in-a-lifetime” 10 disc collection.

Ten Thousand Maniacs
: “These Are The Days”
Abba: “Fernando”
The Bacon Brothers: “Tuesday”
Bonnie Raitt: “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”
Dido: “My Lover’s Gone”
Dixie Chicks: “Cowboy Take Me Away”
Fantasia: “I Believe”
Fleetwood Mac: “Songbird”
Liz Phair: “Sweet”
Melissa Etheridge: “I’m The Only One”
Natalie Imbruglia: “Torn”
Nora Jones: “Nightingale”
Sarah McLachlan: “Angel”
Sheryl Crow: “The First Cut Is The Deepest”
Sinead O’Connor: “Someone To Watch Over Me”
Tori Amos: “Icicle”

– Love,
Your fellow “Lost Boys”


I work with some great people who make me laugh all day…. even if it’s at my expense. I love it. I’ll explain the “Lost Boys” bit in a follow on post.

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