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Blue Sky Studios Challenge

Check out this great blog that was started here at BS about a year ago. Every monday a new challenge is posted. The participants do their “take” on the subject matter and post it.



New Ratatouille Pics!

Alright, I am very excited for this film. If you haven’t seen the 9 minute preview yet you should check it out. I’ll try and post the link here later. If the preview is any indication it looks to be filled with great animation, appealing characters, dramatic lighting, and all around great film making. Congrats goes out to my friends and former Blue Sky Peeps, Everett Downing and Amber Martorelli, who animated on the flick. Click on the image of Colette below to see a few new characters.


ILM on Conan

A couple of great guys whom I worked with at ILM recently made it onto Conan. Check out this hilarious clip as Conan visits ILM’s new studios in the Presidio of San Francisco. Charles Alleneck and Kevin Martel are the featured animators. I haven’t seen them since I left ILM, kinda crazy to see then on Conan first. nuf said, watch for a good laugh.

Reels Are Up

Ok, all my reels are up and links to friends and fellow animators are posted to the right. Unfortunately, I won’t have any new reels until after Horton comes out next year. So it will be a bit of a dry spell, but I hope to post here with other interesting things that I hear about through co-workers and maybe some work in the life of Blue Sky kind of thing. Who knows, we’ll see.

Starting Out

So I’ve finally decided to jump on this blog bandwagon thing. Mostly because I don’t have the time to update my other site and I want something simple and easy to manage. We’ll see how this goes. Over the next several days I’ll continue to update “My Pages” so that I have the same content that I had on my other site and hopefully a bit more. Enjoy, ciao for now.